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At least one of you is the Moon-Moon of your group.

In other news - I think the coffee machine is broken.

Theme song

Jun. 4th, 2016 01:17 pm
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Dude, they made me a theme song. Well, the you wish you were me part, anyhow.

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Why is there a fish outside Namor's room?
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She who dies with the most cats wins?

In other news: Neko Atsume feasts on your tears.
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Go watch this:


Then hang your head in despair at the fact you will never be as fierce as this woman. Holy shit that dismount. I'm like, totally stealing that for my practice routines.


Feb. 10th, 2016 10:35 pm
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I could totally have owned one of these when I was younger. Stupid adulthood. Stupid sense of responsibility.
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Head, shoulders, bees and toes.
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So - what do you fight for? Or, if not fight - what gets you up in the morning?
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Anyone know, or feel themselves to be a good wedding planner?

Between Yakuza and TRIAD mobsters I'm a little busy right now.

All I can say is I have no idea what people see in bling. Easiest improvised garrote ever.
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So - a little birdy may have informed me that a certain awesome person of my acquaintance is having their birthday tomorrow.

I figure in few that it's Halloween and a Birthday we need to go all out and do Rocky Horror! Since I believe there's also some sort of party going on (It's tomorrow right? ) I figure midnight showing for the adults? Great idea or best idea? Y/Y?

Like, I will totally be doing cake too. Because Cake > Pie. (You know I'm right Wade)
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But in more important news.


These are on my 'next shoes to purchase list'

I could totally come as 'Goth Godzilla' to the Halloween party.
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So, did I miss something? Have teenager vs adult lines been drawn?

I'm pretty sure the Prof. is doing his 'letting people do their thing' non-interference thing he does but seriously.

When I came here I was one of the worst, most horrible brats you've ever encountered. If it weren't for the adults and a whole mess of help and forgiveness I'd be dead.

We don't gotta be all lovey but like, having kids feel like they're ignored or not wanted is a total power keg of bad decisions waiting to happen.

We gotta find a way to live here and with them without goin' mad, right?

Anyone got any thoughts?


Sep. 17th, 2015 08:43 pm
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Also I see we have even more new people. Welcome dudes and dudettes. Hope you find the 'ol homestead to your liking.

So, what have I missed?

So, Cairo

Sep. 6th, 2015 08:26 pm
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Still hot but also pretty and full of interesting people.

If there's one thing I love about this job, I gotta say it's the people.

(Well, the ones not trying to kill me anyhow.)
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In this case Cairo. It's hot here. And not in a sexy way. On the other hand, the food is awesome.

Any gift requests?
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Is like, figurately the worst. (See what I did there? Yo, Kyle, give me props, dude. )

Anyway, entertain me peeps. I'm like, totes out of synch with the day.
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